Valerie’s Latest News

Before my trusty webmaster Oliver rides off into the sunset on vacation, here is a quick update of my news page. So much to tell and so little time … so where should I begin? (sounds like a great song title to me!)

In January I celebrated another “round” birthday in style when 130 friends came along for an evening of music, good food and great company. I am working on a separate page for that event so watch this space.

Since then the year seems flown by and here we are, 5 months away from Christmas …. Oliver has given up complaining about my lack of creative input for the website and I keep telling him “patience, my friend, I’ll sit down and write up a storm when things quiet down.” Oh yeah?

In April I spent 212 weeks in California, cruising around in what has now become my (one of these days) new car of choice, a Chrysler PT Cruiser. Felt like a real 40s’ moll in that one. Most of the vacation was spent at my beloved Dillon Beach, with a short road trip through the Mojave Desert, a great day trip to San Francisco (heard Bill Clinton speak – now THAT was quite an experience!) and a few days in Riverside with friends. I can see that there will have to be a more detailed account of that vacation too.

Until I get around to writing more, here are a few of my latest photos. Since I discovered digital photography, that, along with singing of course, seems to have become the creative output of choice.

Have a great summer everyone and keep in touch!

Birthday rose shower

California cruisin’

My terrace

Sunset at Chiemsee